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Bohning Ice Vanes

Bohning Ice Vanes

The world number #1

The Bohning Company is pleased to announce its new Ice vane, developed in conjunction with & used by PIERRE-JULIEN DELOCHE & DOMINIQUE GENET. The Ice vane is also currently used by SÉBASTIEN PEINEAU.

  • Packet quantity: 100 pcs
  • Length: 76.2mm
  • Height: 7.62mm
  • Weight: 6.5 grains


  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Neon Green
  • Neon Orange
  • Neon Yellow
  • Hot Pink
  • Neon Red

Achievements Using the Ice Vane:

Pierre-Julien Deloche:

  • 2013 World Cup (Poland) - Gold Medal (Individual)
  • 2013 World Championships (Turkey) - Silver Medal (Individual)
  • 2013 World Championships (Turkey) - Bronze Medal (Team)
  • 2014 World Cup (China) - Silver Medal (Individual)
  • 2014 World Cup (China) - Bronze Medal (Mixed Team)
  • 2014 World Cup (Colombia) - Gold Medal (Mized Team)
  • 2014 World Cup (Colombia) - Ranked 1st in qualification rounds
  • 2013-2014 World Ranking: #1
  • Average Score at 50m: 710

Sébastien Peineau:

  • 2014 World Cup (China) - Gold Medal (Individual)
  • 2014 World Cup (Colombia) - 9th
  • 2014 World Cup (Turkey) - 5th
  • 2014 World Ranking: #12
  • Average Score at 50m: 704

Bohning Ice Vane

Pierre-Julien Deloche

Sebastien Peineau

Dominique Genet
Bohning Ice Vane

About the Development of the Ice Vane:

On the recommendation of François Hybry from the French archery company Arc Système, the Bohning Company first contacted Dominique & Pierre-Julien in May of 2013 seeking their assistance in the creation of a new vane. Both archers were pleased to work with Bohning to develop a new vane that would address the challenges they encountered with their existing vanes. Bohning responded by sending them nine prototype vanes of different materials & profiles. After substantial testing, both archers identified the same prototype as ideal for compound target archery: Bohning’s Ice vane. The tight groupings & durability of the Ice vane made it preferable to the brand of vane Pierre-Julien & Dominique had previously used. After the Ice vane prototype was selected, Bohning produced a large quantity of these vanes for the two archers, as well as Sébastien Peineau, to use in further testing.

Pierre-Julien, Dominique, & Sébastien tested the vanes in numerous situations to fine-tune them to their own preferences. The Ice vane was tested in temperatures ranging from 5° C to 40° C, in calm conditions, in multiple windy situations, in dry & in rainy conditions.

The Ice vanes were also tested using various equipment configurations. Different bows, arrow shafts, field points, cams, & nocks were utilized to ensure the consistency of the Ice vane & to find Dominique’s, Pierre-Julien’s, & Sébastien’s best personal setups.

Pierre-Julien Recaps His Testing:

"First I began to test the vane without an offset to compare it to another standard vane. Ice was already an upgrade regarding the arrow grouping. Then, I decided to fletch with a slight offset, around 1°, & the grouping was even better. I had time to try with a big offset around 3° or 4°, but noticed that the rear of the arrow wobbled in flight instead of spinning about the axis of the shaft. On another dozen of my shafts, I fletched the Ice vane at a 2° offset & found it to be very accurate, so this is the offset I am staying with. I tested the vane from distances of 30-90 meters, confirming that the Ice vane works best at a short range of up to 70 meters using a compound bow."

"Concerning the durability, I like to observe how vanes react when passing through both foam & stramit targets. My goal was to tear the vanes & find out the limit of the Ice vane material compared with other vanes, such as my previous brand. I tried to tear the Ice vane with my hand, which resulted in the wraps breaking instead of the vane. I also shot a tight grouping of 24 arrows without any trouble… Ice wins."

"I tested Bohning’s Ice vane at practice, at home, & during international competitions as well. International tournaments are the best way to prove that a product is good. You are in a different situation than shooting at home, & the equipment must be perfect. I carried a dozen arrows fletched with my previous brand of vanes, & a dozen with Bohning Ice vanes during the last four months of 2013, in case of problems, & to be able to try the Ice vane in different situations."

"I decided to begin the 2014 outdoor season with the Bohning Ice vane. I shot 709 at the Shanghai World Cup & won a silver medal, losing the gold to Sébastien Peineau who was using the Ice vane as well. My match average was 711.5 points with a European match record of 150 (9 X’s). Then in Medellin I shot 712 (40 X’s). I am a happy “customer” with the Ice vane because it is beautiful, accurate, durable, & most importantly, I trust my vanes… Ice wins again!"

Recommendations for Use of the Ice Vane:

1. The Ice vane is best fletched at a small offset of around 1 or 2°, which provides the best grouping, avoids impact upon release & avoids tearing upon contact with target.

2. Pierre-Julien positions the Ice vane at 10-15mm from the nock, while Dominique & Sébastien position it at 1” & 1.5”, respectively.

3. Best with use of heavy & thin shafts such as Easton X10® Protour™, Carbon Express® Nano-Pro™, etc. OR using a field point of at least 110 grains.

4. Fletching is easy with the Ice vane: Pierre-Julien & Dominique use Blazer Bond. Pierre-Julien has never lost any vanes with Blazer Bond, with or without wraps, even when arrow passed through the target. According to Dominique, Blazer Bond works perfectly.

Bohning Ice Vane
Information provided courtesy of Bohning