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Doinker Platinum Hi-Mod Side Bar

The most advanced tournament stabilizer system to date. Already the choice of the top professional archers world wide due to its ultra stiff high modulus carbon rods ability to transfer the residual energy left over from the shotand also hold over 15oz weight with very little flex.

Platinum Hi-Mod Stabilizer

New for 2011 is the Doinker Platinum Hi-Mod stabilization system. This is the worlds most advanced free style shooting stabilizer out there and has all ready won multiple medals in the 2010 World Cups and other international tournaments proving it's superior design.

The Doinker Platinum Hi-Mod stabilizer comes in multiple lengths to fit any archers personal demands that include; 24in, 27in, 30in and 34in for the front stabilizer and 10in, 12in and 15in for the side bars.

Our NEW Doinker Platinum Hi-Mod stabilizer features a super stiff high modules carbon grid rod, precision machined aluminum caps, a removable fully adjustable 1 1/8in Doinker Supreme, a complete set of the new single ounce increment 421 weight system and our new Thumb Spur (included with the long rod only) that fits into the base cap of the stabilizer and assists in tightening the stabilizer to the bow.

Platinum Hi-Mod Stabilizer

The 2011 Doinker Platinum Hi-Mod does not only have superior performance features but also a very classy clean look with it's flat black anodized machined aluminum components, it's high gloss finished carbon grid rod, water resistant stainless steel weights and scratch resistant silver metallic Platinum Hi-Mod Logo with a bold modern red metallic Doinker tribal logo. All these quality features demands attention from other archers on the tournament field.

With the combination of the Large 1 1/8in Doinker Supreme that allows archers to hold up wards of 20oz of weight while dampening and a super stiff, high modules carbon rod that not only will support any amount of weight the archer requires on the end of the stabilizer but do to it's stiff very ridged design, it efficiently transfers the residual vibration down to the end of the stabilizer where it is then dissipated by the Doinker Supreme.

With the use of either the sold separate NEW Super Beefy, Micro adjust Platinum Off-set bars or Platinum V-bar mount and all the adjustable features of the Platinum Hi-Mod stabilizer archers can now custom tailor the stabilizers to fit their bow and body geometry to get that perfectly stable shooting system that will give them an advantage over their competitors.

  • Short Rod Lengths:
    • 10in (106oz)
    • 12in (109oz)
    • 15in (115oz)
  • 421 Weight Included
  • Short rods are sold individually

Platinum Hi-Mod Side Bar
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