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MK Korea MK Korea - Veracity limbs

MK Korea Veracity limbs

MK Korea has developed a specific limb width design to create the least amount of wind resistance and energy loss. The perfect balance of speed and control has been obtained with engineering and testing to which also minimizes bad shots.

To enhance precision, synthetic resin is added to the limb tips. The tip design has been specifically developed to be more aerodynamic resulting in less wind interference.

Our goal and strategy was to improve limb consistency and durability while enhancing precision of each shot.

Attention: We would like to inform you that the poundage of these limbs are based on a MK Korea Alpha Riser. If you have a Hoyt riser the poundage will be 2 lbs more. So for example 70in 36lbs limbs will be 70in 36lbs in a MK Korea Alpha riser, but in a Hoyt riser it will be 70in 38lbs.

Material: Wood core, Fabric carbon and Uni-direction high modulus carbon

Limbs fit International Limb Fitting (ILF) risers.

Lengths (with 25in riser):

  • 66in
  • 68in
  • 70in

Weights: 32 to 48lbs (in 2lbs increments)

Our suppliers normally stock a selection of sizes but not the full range. For available limbs please allow 1+ weeks approx. For unavailable sizes please allow 12 weeks approx. Please contact us via email requesting information on the specific size you are interested in.