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Carter Whatever

Once again Carter Enterprises gives you "Whatever" you ask for. New for 2012, Carter Enterprises introduces the "Whatever" index finger release aid. The new "Whatever" offers you the most versatile, yet simplistic, index finger release ever created.

The new "Whatever" features a closed jaw system for the confidence of a completely enclosed loop. Simply push the jaw closed to close around your d loop for fast easy loading. Hold the trigger down while closing the jaw around your loop then let off the trigger for completely silent loading in up close and personal hunting situations. The jaw system is engineered to place the loop in a consistent position every time, making the "Whatever" the most accurate index finger release aid in the world.

The "Whatever" offers you an extremely versatile tension changing system as well as our famous trigger travel adjustment system. The new Dowel Interchangeable Tension System allows you to customize your trigger tension from approximately a one pound trigger all the way up to an amazing 10 pounds of trigger tension easily with the enclosed spring kit. More springs can be purchased for even greater poundage and versatility if desired. Simply remove the dowel retention screw, slide out the dowel and install the desired springs. Slide the dowel back in and replace the retention screw and you are in business. Never before has there been a release that gives you "Whatever" tension you need with such ease.

Index finger release

Includes Scott strap

Information supplied courtesy of Carter Enterprises.