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Bohning Smooth Release Pin Nocks

Bohning Smooth Release Pin Nocks

Bohning have set a new standard for toughness. A smooth, clean releasing nock that can withstand over 1000 shots from bows over 300 fps.

Based on the standard Blazer Pin Nock, Bohning have reduced the size of the wings / ears to create the Smooth Release nocks. Apricot (orange), kiwi (green), electric blue and ruby (red) colours normally stocked.

  • Standard groove size - 0.120in
  • Weight: 5 grains
  • Pack quantity: 12 pcs


  • Apricot (AP) - [fl orange]
  • Kiwi (KW) - [fl green]
  • Electric Blue (EB) - [fl blue]
  • Ruby (RU) - [fl red]

Bohning Smooth Release Pin Nock - comparison diagram