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Epic Fusion EX Fiber limbs
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Epic Fusion EX Carbon limbs

Epic Fusion EX Fiber limbs

FW - Fiber Wood limbs. The Fusion EX Fiber limbs are constructed from double layered block type hard maple wood and laminated fiberglass in front and rear. It is finished with a highly polished clear fiber glass and stylish modern graphics.

Epic guarantees the superb accuracy and high performance. It is highly recommended for any intermediate or beginning archers. International Limb Fitting (ILF). Made in Korea.

  • Lengths (25H): 66in, 68in, 70in
  • Poundages: 18-40lbs in 2lbs increments
  • Material: Fiberglass, Hard Maple Wood (Block type)
  • Fitting: ILF
  • Made in Korea
  • Product code: EA1004