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TRU Ball Copperhead - with Buckle Strap
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TRU Ball
TRU Ball Copperhead

TRU Ball Copperhead

Back by popular demand, the TRU Ball Copperhead features a fully independent dual caliper jaw and a small half inch diameter housing, delivering superior quality that consumers have come to expect from a TRU Ball Release. The Copperhead features a web strap, allowing the head to be snatched up with the trigger right next to the trigger finger, ready to be fired at movement's notice. The Copperhead TC features our legendary tornado connection at the wrist strap that allows 360 degree, multi directional movement, while an additional 360 degree swivel directly behind the trigger twists the head of the release into a low torque location on each and every shot. The connector adapts the length of the Copperhead TC in precise 3/16in increments to fit a wide range of draw lengths. Tuck both versions of the Copperhead into your sleeve when not in use for walking through the woods for ease of climbing the tree stand ladder without hang ups. A single travel screw for adjusting the feel of trigger pressure in secured with a lock screw for maintaining reliable settings. The Copperhead comes with a copper coloured aircraft aluminium anodized head in a large, black buckle wrist strap.

  • Copper coloured anodized head
  • Web connection
  • Black leather buckle model