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DS Archery Nano Pro XS Long Rod - 28in
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DS Nano Pro XS Long Rods

DS Nano Pro XS Long Rod

The Nano XS features the same 17.8mm Outside Diameter and high Modulus Carbon as the Pro Nano Rods.

A new thicker Carbon wall gives these new rods their Extra Stiffness.

The Nano XS also features Silicone Foam at both ends of each stabilizer to help dissipate both high and low frequency vibrations.

Why choose the Nano XS over the Nano?

The Nano XS has been designed for those people who have a lot of vibration going through their bows.

Also people who like to shoot with a lot of stabiliser weight will benefit from the Extra Stiff material.

Nano XS Longrods are supplied with 1/2oz Cap Weight and 1.75in Fully threaded bolt.

Technical Specifications: Long Rods

  • 20" - 145g - 5.0oz
  • 25" - 167.5g - 5.9oz
  • 28" - 181.85g - 6.4oz
  • 30" - 190.83g - 6.7oz
  • 33" - 204.3g - 7.2oz
  • 36" - 218.65g - 7.7oz

NOT just any old Carbon rod.... A HIGH MODULUS CARBON ROD

"If we were talking metals, Hi Mod Carbon compared to regular carbon is like comparing Titanium to Tin"

The Carbon we use is very high performance with a great strength to weight ratio.

What this equates to for you is a stabilizer which settles quickly with the weight where you need it - out on the end of the rod rather than wasted weight in the rod itself.

DS Nano Pro XS Long Rod

DS Nano Pro XS Long Rod