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Easton G Pin Nock (2015)

Easton G Pin Nock

Easton, which invented the PIN nock system in 1994, released a redesign of the popular G-Pin and original design PIN nock in 2015, suitable for both compound and recurve shooters.

The current generation G-Pin features a high-precision, new single-snap, large groove design for ultimate accuracy from both compound and recurve bows. This ultra-strong and precise single-cavity packaged nock has a sleek design and adds more protection against rear impacts in tight group shooting. Specifically redesigned to handle higher impulse compound cam designs, the design features a single snap preferred by precision target shooters.

"We invested heavily in all-new tooling and state of the art quality control to ensure that the new PIN and G-pin nocks would be the most accurate in the world - bar none." said George Tekmitchov, Sr. Engineer and International Technical Advisor.

Both the G-Pin Nock and PIN Nock are available in a range of vibrant colours for enhanced visibility at the target.