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Oak Ridge Black Carbon/Foam limbs
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Oak Ridge
Oak Ridge Black Carbon/Foam ILF limbs

Oak Ridge Black Carbon/Foam ILF limbs

Intermediate level carbon foam limbs suitable for hunting take-down recurve bows with ILF (International Limb Fitting). Oak Ridge Black C/F limbs are constructed from carbon and foam. Available in short (60in), medium (62in) and long (64in) lengths in poundages ranging from 25lbs to 55lbs rated with a 19H riser.

  • Lengths (with 19H riser): 60in, 62in, 64in
  • Poundages: 25lbs to 55lbs in 5lbs increments
  • Fitting: ILF
  • Material: Carbon / Foam
  • Colour: Black