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Beiter Wing Holder

The Beiter Wing Holder is designed to position and fletch Kurly Vanes easily and precisly on arrow shafts.

Available in RH and LH, for 1 3/4" (45mm) Kurly Vanes.

Supplied with a Bushing which allows you to offset the vane by 1 degree.

Wing Holder
Beiter Wing Holder
Wing Holder
Beiter Wing Holder in use with a Purple Holo Kurly Vane

How to Prepare the Vane:

Clean the arrow shaft with acetone (before installing the nock).

Draw the necessary lines with the Beiter Tri Liner tool.

Insert the Kurly Vane in the Beiter Wing Holder and align it with the edge. Position a strip of double sided adhesive tape in one of the grooves on the back of the Wing Holder. Strip off the first layer of the tape as much as needed and hold it down on the back of the Wing Holder. Turn the Wing Holder and position the tape along the edge of the vane. Press on the tape. Cut away the unused parts of the tape on both sides with scissors or a knife.

Hint: Prepare more vanes ready to be fletched in more Wing Holders and keep them safe in your quiver or bowcase. So you will have one or more spare vanes ready to use.

How to Fletch the Vane:

Strip off the second layer of the tape, so the fletching surface is free. Put the Wing Hold on the arrow shaft, so that both pins are in contact with the shaft. Don't let the tape have contact with the shaft.

Align the Wing Holder along the drawn line, using the three positioning sectors placed along the vane edge. Note: Place the vane in the correct direction on the shaft, as shown on the Wing Holder body.

Pay attention to place the vane along the drawn line and not on it. The tape won't hold on the line. Now press the Wing Holder on the shaft. Then release the pressure completely and turn away the shaft from the Wing Holder.

Eventually press the vane on the shaft with your thumb on the medium sector.

You may fletch your vanes straight (parallel to the drawn line) or 1 degree offset: simply install the red bushing supplied with the Wing Holder over the front pin (at the "point end") and press it in.

Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...