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Gillo C88 limbs
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Gillo Gold Medal
Gillo C88 limbs

Gillo C88 limbs

Advanced ILF target carbon limbs.

2020 sees the introduction of the Gillo GTL-88 target limbs family, specifically designed to get the full use out of the wide range of adjustment allowed by the Gillo GT family of risers, but also giving the first real alternative to the market for the need of softness under the clicker area and a limited variation in poundage for barebow string walking.

Developed and made under Gillo's requirements by a major manufacturer of high quality limbs, they are available in 4lbs increments between 30lbs and 42lbs.

  • Perfect match for GILLO GT risers
  • Can also be used on all ILF compatible risers
  • Making 70in, 68in, 66in length bows on 25in riser
  • Carbon - Foam Multi-Layer laminated construction
  • Advanced curve for maximum speed and softness in cliker area
  • Smooth aiming draw area for Bare Bow String walking use
  • Available in 4lbs increments from 30 to 42lbs

Model Bow Length on 25in Riser Nominal Poundage on G1-G2-GQ-GT 25in Risers Minimum Poundage on GTL-25 Riser Maximum Poundage on GTL-25 Riser
GTL-C88-70-30 70in 30# 24# 36#
GTL-C88-70-34 70in 34# 28# 40#
GTL-C88-70-38 70in 38# 32# 44#
GTL-C88-70-42 70in 42# 36# 48#
GTL-C88-68-30 68in 30# 24# 36#
GTL-C88-68-34 68in 34# 28# 40#
GTL-C88-68-38 68in 38# 32# 44#
GTL-C88-68-42 68in 42# 36# 48#
GTL-C88-66-30 66in 30# 24# 36#
GTL-C88-66-34 66in 34# 28# 40#
GTL-C88-66-38 66in 38# 32# 44#
GTL-C88-66-42 66in 42# 36# 48#

Poundage rating - remarks:

  • Poundage is rated at 26 1/4in draw from center of rear plunger hole of a GILLO GT 25in riser. If limbs are used on GILLO GT risers of other length, user should consider one pound increment for any inch of reduction of riser length, or one pound reduction for any additional one inch in riser length.
  • Real poundage may vary from rated marked poundage up to +/- 1lb
  • Poundage may vary if limbs are used on risers of other brands.
  • Poundage range on GT-25 riser is indicative only.

Information provided courtesy of Vittorio Frangilli.