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Gillo Lithium Grease
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Gillo Gold Medal
Gillo Lithium Grease

Gillo Lithium Grease

A small but very useful item for any archer. Gillo lithium soap based lubricant grease is ideal for use with many archery products. As used by the Gillo factory to lubricate parts that need lubricated coupling. Ideal for lubricating tapping of limb bolt holes of any riser.

In case of disassembly, this grease must be used for lubricating the transversal brass shafts of Gillo GT risers. Suitable for lubricating ball bearings and other rotating parts used in archery products.

Gillo Lithium Grease has a wide operating temperature range and is water repellant. Available to purchase in handy 10g plastic tubes.

  • Lithium grease / lubricant
  • 10g tube
  • Product code: GLU-LI-10

Information provided courtesy of Vittorio Frangilli.