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Skylon Paragon Spectra points (doz)
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Skylon Paragon Spectra points

Skylon Paragon Spectra points

The awesome SPECTRA finish comes to the Skylon Paragon range of points. No longer will you suffer from boring coloured points! Break-off style stainless steel target points with a bulge style shape designed for the Skylon Paragon, Preminens, Precium and Performa series arrow shafts with 3.2mm internal diameter. Available in six different options to suit the various spine sizes in the range. Sold as a pack of 12. Spectra colour.


  • 350 (100-110-120gn)
  • 400-450 (100-110-120gn)
  • 500-600 (100-110-120gn)
  • 650-800 (80-90-100gn)
  • 850-1000 (80-90-100gn)
  • 850-1000 (60-70-80gn)