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Easton Compression Shirt

Compression shirts are one of the latest innovations to finally reach the sport of archery and we certainly believe they will be big sellers.

For many years this type of product has been used in cycling, running and other activities to enhance performance in training, competing and recovery. The science part is the tight fitting nature of the shirt helps to reduce the rapid build-up of lactic acid and fatigue in your muscles. Along with wicking moisture away from your skin, a compression shirt will keep you comfortable and dry so you can concentrate and perform to an ever higher level.

The Easton Compression Shirt is designed for wearing under your normal shooting jersey. They are available in black or white colours in a range of sizes.

Features "Easton" and the famous diamond logo on the front of the next and along one sleeve.

Thermal dynamic for comfort in hot or cold conditions.

Compression comfort.

Wicks moisture.


  • Black
  • White


    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • XL

Easton Compression Shirt - White

Easton Compression Shirt - Black
Information provided courtesy of Easton