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Ripcord Code Red

Ripcord Code Red

The Ripcord® Code Red is the #1 selling fall-away rest in the United States.

This fast fall-away is essential to maximize forgiveness by minimizing the amount of time that any bow hand torque is able to be transferred to the arrow.

  • Ultra-fast fall-away for maximum forgiveness
  • Connects to downward travelling cable
  • Distinctive red overmolding eliminates need for moleskin
  • Available in Black colour in right and left handed models

Reasons why you'll want a Ripcord® Arrow Rest:

Arrow Containment System™ - The Arrow Containment System™ features a special "arm" that holds your arrow on the arrow rest at all times, no matter what. You can even turn your bow upside down - the arrow won't fall off!

Plenty of windage adjustment - Ripcord® gives you a wide range of windage adjustment. It can be fine-tuned to fit all bows in all conditions

Slimline launcher - Ripcord®'s Slimline launcher allows you to move the rest inside center shot for optimal tuning without riser interference. And, it's made of heavy-duty Delrin®

Offset cord - The cord is offset so it won't interfere with your arrow

Extremely quiet operation - An internal damper eliminates any metal-to-metal contact. The Ripcord soft over-molding eliminates any hard contact between the arrow and the launcher

Launch Pad fits any shelf - The Launch Pad is extra-wide so it's better at catching and cradling the arrow. No need to re-cock the rest. The launcher and launch pad work in perfect unison keeping your arrow centered in the launcher should you need to re-draw your bow quickly after letting down. The Flex Fit serrated design of the pad allows it to conform to the curved/rounded risers on today's bows

No need for extra moleskin

Three-position containment arm - The containment arm on the Ripcord® has three positions so that it fits all bows. It is also slotted with a mortise groove so that the containment arm remains in place even if it gets bumped.

Launcher options - You can change out the launcher and containment arm on your Ripcord® to either the red that comes standard on a Code Red, the gray that comes on the S.O.S. or you can now get a pink launcher and containment arm as well!

Shoot from up or down position - Ripcord® allows you to shoot accurately whether the launcher arm is up or down. Normally, it's cocked into the up position before you draw and stays there until you release. If you have to let the arrow down in a hunting situation, the Launch Pad catches the arrow and keeps it in position for a follow-up opportunity

Easy installation - You don't need a bow press or serving to install Ripcord®. The "football clip" fits all cable sizes.

The Ripcord Code Red Rest on a PSE X Force EVO. This high speed footage shows Ripcord's Drop Dead brake keeps the launcher arm down with no bounce back.

"With over 70 years of combined bowhunting experience, you have our personal guarantee that the Ripcord® is the finest rest you'll ever shoot!"
- Keith and Don Dvoroznak, Ripcord® Arrow Rest

The Ripcord TV commercial