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Leading The Way

Nearly 20 years of developing exceptional products has brought us to our most exciting product line ever. For 2010 we are continuing to Lead the Way and “Revolutionize Rubber” by completely reinventing our entire product offering, including the Doinker! Introducing the ALL NEW DOINKER SUPREME- (Patent Pending)- the most durable, effective and efficient dampener we have ever created.

The new Doinker Supreme employs an incredibly sleek and sophisticated dampener constructed of legendary Doinker ITP (Interrupted Transfer Polymer) that’s built right into the end cap. Completely adjustable to the shooters liking, this modern unit readily works with various Doinker weight systems for complete customization. The new Doinker Supreme has been incorporated into nearly every stabilizer offered for 2010 and is sure to revolutionize the way archers view dampening and stabilization.

Since 1993 we have been on the leading edge of stabilizer production. For 2010 we have renewed our commitment to continue this tradition with a state-of-the-art Swiss Screw Machine and various molding and finishing equipment. No other manufacturer uses higher quality parts, engineering or equipment. This, again, proves Doinker is on the forefront of innovation and truly “Leading the Way”.

The 1 3/8 inch Doinker Supreme weighs in at 1.6oz and features a 1/4in male thread and a 5/16in female thread. Perfect for use as a counterbalance weight.

1 3/8 inch Doinker Supreme
Information provided courtesy of Leven Industries, USA...