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TRU Ball Sweet Spot Pro Flex - Quick Silver Brass
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TRU Ball
TRU Ball Sweet Spot Pro Flex

TRU Ball Sweet Spot Pro Flex

Bringing our patented comfort Flex technology our ever popular Sweet Spot release, the Sweet Spot Pro Flex allows the archer to move each finger location a total of 30 degrees for an exact, ergonomically precise feel. Create a release with a flat finger bed, a swept handle finger bed, or your individual preference of anything inbetween for a 3 or 4 finger handle configuration.

The Sweet Spot Pro Flex features a solid brass body with quicksilver finish with thin, ergonomic finger placements. The Sweet Spot Pro Flex provides precise back tension at any angle when activated. Push the activator lever forward to draw your bow safely and release the activator when you reach your anchor point and are ready to begin back tension and shoot. The Sweet Spot Pro Flex is now one of the finest individualized back tension training devices to ever hit the market!