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Topoint Reliance SML - SALE
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Topoint Reliance - Red

Topoint Reliance SML

The small cam model has adjustable draw lengths between 24.5in with it's rotating module design and 27.5in and peak weights between 45 and 60lbs. The Reliance SML is available in RH and LH models in a range of three anodized colours, black, blue and red.

  • Direction: RH or LH
  • Weight: 4.7lbs
  • Brace Height: 7.6in
  • IBO Rate: up to 330fps
  • Axle-to-axle: 38in
  • Draw Length: 24.5 to 27.5in
  • Let-Off: 75%
  • Cam: Syncro

  • Anodized Black
  • Anodized Blue
  • Anodized Red