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Victory 3DHV Elite shafts (doz)
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Victory 3DHV Elite shafts

Victory 3DHV Elite shafts

Carbon arrow from Victory Archery. Lightweight arrow designed to meet the needs of 3D and hunting archers. Designed for a flatter trajectory, giving an advantage when shooting unmarked distances. 100% carbon fiber construction. F-nocks and unibushings included. Straightness tolerance of 0.001. 0.204 XV Series diameter. Sold as a pack of 12.

The 3DHV small-diameter target arrow is a terrific blend of speed, precision, and durability. Less affected by wind and lightning quick, this is one of the lightest and fastest arrows on the market today.

Every arrow shaft is digitally spine aligned for increased accuracy and shot to shot consistency.

Small diameter .204 series arrow shaft featuring a high modulus 100% carbon fiber construction, designed for maximum speed and penetration with less wind deflection.

Each set of 12 shafts is weight matched to +/- 0.5 grains for precise shot consistency and tighter grouping.

Features ICE nano ceramic coating, an advanced nano ceramic arrow coating that improves penetration and allows for easy removal from targets.


  • Straightness Tolerance: +/- 0.001in
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 0.5 grains
  • High Velocity
  • 100% High Modulus Carbon
  • Uniform concentricity
  • The ideal 3D arrow

Supplied with:

  • F Nock
  • Uni bushing

Shaft sizes:

  • 350
  • 400
  • 500
  • 600
  • 700
  • 800

Victory 3DHV chart