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CT CT Cheetah On-Target Points

Designed and produced by the On-Target Points company to specifically to fit the Carbon Tech Cheetah range of shafts.

The tightest grouping points.

On-Target Points are manufactured to the tightest weight tolerances in the industry and will outperform any other point in accuracy and consistency, shot after shot.

The solid one piece design with an almost 2 inch long solid insert extending into the arrow shaft results in flatter slight and more consistency than traditional glue-in points.

These points are made of a high grade aluminium alloy and are of a patent pending design

  • One piece design
  • Models:
    • 85gns
    • 100gns
  • Sold in packs of 12 pieces

Cheetah On-Target Points - 85gns
Cheetah On-Target Points - 85gns

Cheetah On-Target Points - 100gns
Cheetah On-Target Points - 100gns
Information provided courtesy of Carbon Tech and On-Target Points LLC.
Pictures by Alternative Services