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DS Archery Nano Pro Extender - 6in
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DS Archery
DS Nano Pro Extenders

DS Nano Pro Extender

The Nano is the first Skinny stabilizer to come from DS-Archery.

It features a 17.8mm Outside Diameter and is constructed from an even higher Modulus carbon than both the RV1 and Vibex Rods.

The stiffness of the Nano is the same as the hugely popular RV1.

The Nano is also thinner AND lighter Than the RV1 due to the Higher Modulus of carbon used.

The Nano also features both silicone rubber and Silicone Foam at both ends of each stabilizer to help dissipate both high and low frequency vibrations.

Available in a variety of different lengths to suit.

Technical Specifications: Extenders

  • 4"
  • 5"

NOT just any old Carbon rod.... A HIGH MODULUS CARBON ROD

"If we were talking metals, Hi Mod Carbon compared to regular carbon is like comparing Titanium to Tin"

The Carbon we use is very high performance with a great strength to weight ratio.

What this equates to for you is a stabilizer which settles quickly with the weight where you need it - out on the end of the rod rather than wasted weight in the rod itself.

DS Nano Pro Short Rod

DS Nano Pro Short Rod