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Beiter Peep Centering Aid for 39mm Scope

After the introduction of the Peep Centering Aid for Scope 29 we had a great amount of requests to have the same system for the Beiter Scope 39 as well! Immediately Mr. Beiter reacted and presents the Peep Centering Aid for Scope 39!!

The Beiter Scope 39 is the lightest large diameter Scope on the market and has a very thin scope housing.

Sometimes too thin! To better show the outline of the Scope, Werner Beiter produces now a set of 4 Centering Rings. Thanks to the 4 rings in different colours, you can interchange them according to your needs.

The Kit includes following coloured rings: Yellow, Green, Red and Black.

Beiter Peep Centering Aid for 39mm Scope
[Scope shown here with coloured ring in place. Scope is not included with this kit.]

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