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Shrewd Nomad 35mm Scope

Shrewd Nomad 42mm Scope:

The best scopes on the market, period. Used by some of the best shooters in the world including; Reo Wilde, Peter Elzinga, Tim Gillingham, Jeff Hopkins, Stephan Hansen and David Houser. Shrewd scopes lead the industry in performance, versatility and functionality.

Shrewd’s NOMAD series scopes continue to be the industry standard in target archery. Used by the top target shooters around the globe the NOMAD series scope provides consistent stability and accuracy in any setting. With sixteen different placement options for scope pins Shrewd’s NOMAD series scopes are some of the most versatile scopes on the market today.

The ability to add different pins, lights, lenses (front and back on 42mm NOMAD) and sunshades give NOMAD series the flexibility to be used by any shooter in any environment. A recessed hex adapts to smoothly fit about any scope mounting rod, eliminating rotation and unwanted scope movement. A machined groove allows for fiber and tubing to be neatly tucked away and all Shrewd Scopes can be set up for most light systems.

Whether you’re a pro or amateur shooter the NOMAD series scopes have everything you need to shoot your best.

The lenses for the Nomad 35mm and 42mm scopes are the same size. This lens can be fitted to the front side only on the 35mm Nomad Scope body, whereas on the 42mm Nomad Scope body the lens can be fitted to both front and rear.

The Shrewd Nomad 42mm Scope is sold in the following options...


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Shrewd Nomad 42mm Scope Options
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