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Diamond Medalist 38 - SALE
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Diamond Medalist 38 (2018)

Premium performance usually comes at a price. Not with the #1 selling brand, Diamond Archery. We packed the Diamond Medalist 38 with cutting edge innovations like the Binary Cam system and a long stable platform for increased stability, but without the high price tag associated with high performance. The others may cost over $1000, but the Medalist 38 is on the top step of the podium, at a price that makes it easy to get there.

For avid or new archers wanting to cross over into target/recreational archery, the Medalist 38 is a target bow that provides stability, technology and tunability our competitors can't match. It's even the perfect bow for the finger shooter or long draw hunter.

This target bow features all the characteristics of high end target bows: adjustable sight height, flat back grip for greater consistency, long axle to axle for stability, and most of all, Binary Cam technology.


  • Draw Weight: 40, 50, 60, 70lbs
  • Draw Length: 23-32.5in
  • Mass weight: 4.5lbs
  • Axle-to-axle: 38in
  • Effective Let-off: 80%
  • Brace Height: 7.125in
  • IBO Speed: 322 fps


  • Black
  • Breakup Country
  • Red
  • Teal
  • White

Diamond Medalist 38 - Teal


Diamond Medalist 38 - Black


Diamond Medalist 38 - Red


Diamond Medalist 38 - White



From champion archers to professional hunters

To be competitive in the tournament world, mediocre doesn't cut it. We started out with pretty high standards but it wasn't enough. It needed to meet the standards of the pros as well as the average joes, so we brought them in for their stamp of approval. They are seeing the bow for the first time.

Here are their first impressions...

Information provided courtesy of Diamond Archery