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W&W Wiawis Multi Damper
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W&W Wiawis Multi Damper

W&W Wiawis Multi Damper

The Wiawis Multi Damper is designed to reduce vibration quickly. Shocks during shooting and secondary vibrations after shooting are reduced by the special material and strength of this damper.

It is designed to be used with both recurve and compound bows in different positions including up, long and short stabilizers and also together with weight control dampers under the grip. The multi purpose nature of this damper is made possible by using the included 5/16 - 1/4 adapter screw.

  • Length: 38mm
  • Weight: 48g
  • Thread Size: 5/16inx24 (14mm) - 1/4inx20 (9mm)
  • Colour: Black

W&W Wiawis Multi Damper - Adapter Thread
Information provided courtesy of W&W