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W&W Wiawis NS Wood limbs - SALE
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W&W Wiawis NS Wood limbs

W&W Wiawis NS Wood limbs

The most stable, accuracy and powerful shooting!

Launched in 2018 the W&W Wiawis NS Wood-Flax core limbs feature an optimized flex profile which further enhances stability. W&W's accumulated know-how and manufacturing techniques, combinin Carbon Nano Tubes and unidirectional wood grain, creates a limb optimized for clean and stable shooting.

  • Sizes (25H): 66in, 68in. 70in
  • Weights: 28 to 48lbs in 2lbs increments
  • Material: Wood Core / High Modulus Carbon

W&W Wiawis NS Wood limbs - layers
Information provided courtesy of W&W