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Gillo 3 Axis V Bar (with Bolt) - (GVB-K02)
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Gillo K02 3 Axis V Bar (with Bolt)

Gillo K02 3 Axis V Bar (with Bolt)

Gold anodized 7075 aluminium 3 axis V Bar system from Gillo, available in two models... One with a GVB-B11 bolt (K02) and without a bolt (V22).

Specifically designed for the Gillo GS6 and GS8 stabilizer systems. The Gillo 3 Axis V Bar will also accept any other stabilizer on the market with 5/16 threads. Three centre positions allow for right offset, left offset or central mounting options.

The Gillo 3 Axis V Bar is factory assembled using M8 threaded stainless steel screws and elastic washers. The left hand threaded screws on the SX side grant full stability of the left joints.

Information provided courtesy of Vittorio Frangilli.