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Beiter Compound Wrench
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Beiter Compound Wrench

Beiter Compound Wrench

The Beiter Bow Wrench has become a highly appreciated tool worldwide, mainly by Recurve Archers.

Now the COMPOUND WRENCH follows!

Together with German tool manufacturer WIHA, Beiter developed a wrench based on the WIHA Pocket Star series, which includes both Torx and Hex Wrenches. The high quality of the tool as well as the single wrench push-out function makes the Beiter handheld wrenches by WIHA unique!

The following wrenches are included in the Beiter COMPOUND WRENCH: Torx Tamper resistant (with innerhole): T27 - T25- T20 - T15 - T10 - T8 Hex Wrenches (inches): 1/4, 7/32 and 3/32.

You will easily recognise the Compound Wrench as it has BLUE covers. The original Recurve Bow Wrench had YELLOW covers.

Made in Germany by the Wiha company for Werner Beiter.

Weight: 150g


  • T27
  • T25
  • T20
  • T15
  • T10
  • T8

Imperial Hex Wrenches:

  • 1/4
  • 7/32
  • 3/32

Beiter Compound Wrench

Beiter Compound Wrench
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