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Avalon Tec X Quiver
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Avalon Tec X Quiver - Black


Avalon Tec X Quiver

Upgraded for 2018 with new colour options, new graphics and a much larger external pocket. The top of the range quiver from Avalon features chevron style arrow dividers, two external pockets and a belt. Available in RH and LH models in four colour options.

No more rattles! Unlike other brands, the Avalon Tec X Quiver features full length arrow separators with each section tapered to grab hold of your arrow. Together with a moulded rubber top section with it's stylish but functional chevron shape your arrows will stay put. No rattles. No noise.

Other brands feature plastic arrow separators. Over time this can cause excessive wear to your carbon arrows. Avalon have tested many materials and found that their rubber material offers the best solution for noise reduction will not damage your arrows.


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Red

Avalon Tec X Quiver - Grey


Avalon Tec X Quiver - Blue


Avalon Tec X Quiver - Red