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Beiter Centralizer

Beiter Centralizer

As with all Beiter products, the Centralizer was tested by top archers world-wide and used successfully in competitions.

Four carbon rods, positioned to form a square are held together by plastic blocks (called tuners) made from high quality thermoplastics and elastomers: the result is a new concept of stabilisation. Tests have shown that the system is able to absorb more vibration, so giving the archer less problems while aiming and performing the shot.

The distance between tuners (2 to 5) can be individually chosen, as can the length of the Centralizer (from 26 to 54 inches) with the option of having an Endcap or a Weightadapter at its end. The factory setting of the tuners avoids resonance in the system; the tuners themselves can be moved to offer the opportunity of an individual adaptation. However, if you don't feel comfortable with the stabiliser you have tried, switch to a longer one with, possibly, more tuners. The popular tendency is to shoot with longer rods, with 3 or 4 tuners, with no weight in front.

We would normally stock the 30" Standard BLUE coloured model which includes 3 tuner slides plus end weight adapater. Although from time to time, various specifications are available in store.

All listed sizes and options are readily available to special order direct from the Beiter factory!

This stabilizer can be used with additional end weights.
We have found in practice, that only the smallest amount of weight is required and possibly the results are better with no weights at all.
You may find that removing one of the tuners will make it easier to tune.
As Beiter do not produce their own weights, we recommend using the Cartel Weights.

The full range of spare parts and accessories for the Centralizer are generally available in store. Check out the Stabilizers > Accessories section for further information.

- Thread Length: This refers to the LENGTH of the thread.

  • Order 28mm ONLY if you are using a Beiter Pin V Bar.
  • Order 16mm for all other applications.

    Due to postal restrictions, all models 35"+ may be too long for standard mail services. We must use Parcel Force services instead.

  • Colour Options:

    Beiter Centralizer - Black Graphite Special Edition

    Black Graphite:
    - Black tuners
    - Graphite (dark gray) covers

    Beiter Centralizer - Pearl-Rose Special Edition

    - Black tuners
    - Pearl-Rose covers

    Beiter Centralizer - Pearl-Lime Special Edition

    - Black tuners
    - Pearl-Lime covers

    Beiter Centralizer - Hornet Special Edition

    - Black tuners
    - Yellow covers

    Beiter Centralizer - Flame Special Edition

    - Black tuners
    - Orange covers

    Beiter Centralizer - Black Oyster Special Edition

    Black Oyster:
    - Black tuners
    - Perl. Silver covers

    Beiter Centralizer - Grey Panther Special Edition

    Grey Panther:
    - Black tuners
    - Grey covers

    Beiter Centralizer - Black Pearl Special Edition

    Black Pearl:
    - Black tuners
    - Perl. Blue covers

    Beiter Centralizer - Dauchingen Devil Special Edition

    Dauchingen Devil:
    - Black tuners
    - Red covers

    Beiter Centralizer - Black Forest Special Edition

    Black Forest:
    - Black tuners
    - Green covers

    Beiter Centralizer - Colours

    - Black tuners
    - Blue covers

    - Blue tuners
    - White covers

    Salt & Pepper:
    - Black tuners
    - White covers

    - Blue tuners
    - Blue covers

    Long Rods:

    Beiter Long rods are available in following lengths, with the choice of an Endcap or a Weightadapter, and 2 to 5 Tuners (absorbing blocks).

    Beiter Centralizer Long Rod

    Lengthwith Endcapwith Weightadapter "
      2 Tuner 3 Tuner 4 Tuner 5 Tuner 2 Tuner 3 Tuner 4 Tuner 5 Tuner
    26 26T2E       26T2G      
    28 28T2E 28T3E     28T2G 28T3G    
    30 30T2E 30T3E     30T2G 30T3G    
    33 33T2E 33T3E 33T4E   33T2G 33T3G 33T4G  
    35 35T2E 35T3E 35T4E   35T2G 35T3G 35T4G  
    37 37T2E 37T3E 37T4E   37T2G 37T3G 37T4G  
    41 41T2E 41T3E 41T4E   41T2G 41T3G 41T4G  
    45 45T2E 45T3E 45T4E   45T2G 45T3G 45T4G  
    49     49T4E 49T5E     49T4G 49T5G
    54     54T4E 54T5E     54T4G 54T5G

    Short Rods:

    Short Rods offer a better horizontal stability and reduces additional vibrations.

    Beiter Centralizer Short Rod

    Lengthwith Endcapwith Weightadapter "
      no Tuner 1 Tuner no Tuner 1 Tuner
    8 8E   8G  
    10 10E   10G  
    12 12E 12T1E 12G 12T1G
    14 14E 14T1E 14G 14T1G


    The Extender of the Centralizer is not only used as an extension for the V-bar, but also lengthens the Long Rod without using the V-bar (e.g., using a 33" long Rod and a 5" extension gives an overall 38").

    Beiter Centralizer Extender

    Extenderno tuner1 Tuner
    3 3  
    4 4 4T1
    5 5 5T1
    Also available: Beiter Extender with Pins - designed for use with Beiter Pin V Bar

    Please note some items featured here may not be in stock. However, we should be able to obtain any Beiter product normally within 2 weeks from the date of your order.

    Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...