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Beiter 10mm Bubble Option for 29mm Scope

For those who like a Large Level Bubble with their scopes, Beiter now offer a whole range of optional extras to cater for this demand.

This system consists of three parts...

Beiter Scope with Big Bubble #4
Black Support with pin
large green level bubble and
large clear Holder for support

1. Green Bubble 10mm

Firstly, there are the Large Level Bubbles themselves. These are all green coloured.

Beiter 10mm Bubble
10mm Bubble

2. Support

Next, the "Large Bubble Support" come in Clear, Black, Red and Green. These are available "With Pin" or "Without Pin". Both types will accept the Beiter Scope Apertures.

with pin
Support with pin
without pin
Support without pin

3. Holder for Support

Finally, there is a piece called the Large Bubble "Holder for Support" which fits in the Scope where the standard size bubble used to live. These pieces also come in a variety of colours; Clear, Black, Red and Green.

Holder for Support
Holder for Support

Please note some items featured here may not be in stock. However, we should be able to obtain any Beiter product normally within 2 weeks from the date of your order.

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