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Easton X10 PROTOUR Shafts

Easton X10 PROTOUR shafts

Easton's PROTOUR offers the high-tech advantages of X10, tailored specifically to the compound bow.

When Easton introduced the X10 as the ultimate projectile for the recurve bow, compound shooters were quick to recognize and adapt the benefits of the advanced design. Optimized specifically for the compound bow, the new X10 PROTOUR combines a stiffer tail spine and front taper. The result is stiffness where it's needed and a low-profile for ultimate accuracy at long-range outdoor distances.

PROTOUR features a higher modulus carbon fibre to keep weight slightly lighter than the fully-barreled X10.

Easton X10 PROTOUR shafts should be sold only in matched dozens - as supplied by Easton. Beware of any dealer selling part sets or individual shafts.

  • Lightweight, high-modulus carbon fiber bonded to a precision 7075 alloy core
  • Polished black carbon finish
  • Tapered design
  • Straightness: +/- .0015in
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 0.5 grains
  • Components sold separately

    Easton X10 PROTOUR Spines
  • 340
  • 380
  • 420
  • 470
  • 520
  • 570
  • 620
  • 670
  • 720
  • 770

Listed below are the official Easton Model Specifications for X10 PROTOURshafts and their accessories...

Shaft ModelX10 PROTOUR
Materials/ConstructionEatra high-strength carbon fibre bonded to a 7075 alloy core tube
Nock SystemPROTOUR Pin (380-620)
X10 Pin (670-770)
Nock TypePin Nock
Weight Tolerance+/- 0.5 grains within matched dozen
Straightness+/- .0015"
ColourPolished black carbon finish

Size Shaft Weight (Grains/inch) Spine @ 28" span (deflection in inches) Shaft OD (inches) Stock Length (inches) Maximum Trim Amount (inches) Recommended Point Weight Range (grains)
7706.00.770.18129No limit90-100
7206.20.720.18329.5No limit90-100

Weight - Due to the taper design of the X10 PROTOUR, the grain weight per inch shown is an average weight per inch of a 29" shaft. Shaft weight is slightly heavier toward the larger diameter nock end and lighter toward the tapered front end. One inch of shaft cut from the point end typically weighs 6-7 grains.

OD - Nominal outside diameter at the mid point of shaft. Front end is smaller.

Trim Amount - Easton recommends that no more than these lengths be cut from the front of the shaft before point installation.

Information provided courtesy of Easton Archery