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Bohning Helix Tower

The Helix Tower is a fletching system that accommodates all size arrows from small carbon X10s up to Fat Boys and allows you to fletch 3 vanes at once precisely 120° apart, and reduces your fletching time to a third!

Includes 5 interchangeable center posts to accommodate Standard nocks, Pin nocks, F nocks, A nocks and Crossbow nocks.

Two collar rings are included: red for use with small carbon up to aluminum shafts, green for use with fat boy shafts.

The Helix Tower includes clamp release tape and 1 sets of arms to fletch up to 2.25in long vanes on a 3° right helical.

The Tower is not for use with swedged end shafts or feathers.

The Tower saves time, increases arrow production and provides the easiest and most precise vane placement!

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Bohning Helix Tower
Information provided courtesy of Bohning