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Hamskea Trinity Target Pro Micro-Tune Rest
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Hamskea Trinity Target Pro Micro-Tune Rest

Hamskea Trinity Target Pro Micro-Tune Rest

Built for target archers looking for precision. Fixed blade or drop away design to suit your tuning and preference - can even be converted to full containment. Micro adjustable horizontal and vertical adjustment. Inline dampening prevents blade bounce back. Arrow holder keeps arrow in position when drawing (for drop away use). Reduced weight. Zero play design for the ultimate in consistency. Drop away mechanism can be set multiple ways, with top limb, bottom limb or cable activation.

  • RH Black
  • RH Silver
  • LH Black
  • LH Silver

G-FLEX LAUNCHER - The new patent pending G-Flex launcher is the latest revolution in the archery industry. This composite launcher has a tapered design that puts rigidity at the mounting base, while still offering a flexible reactive portion towards the tip for ultimate forgiveness. The durable synthetic material won't rust or hold bends from high use or centripetal force often experienced with limb driven rests.

DELTA V ARROW HOLDER - This rest mounted arrow holder keeps your arrow in place during the draw cycle while still being a removable option for individuals that prefer a riser mounted arrow guide.

TRI-BEARING TECHNOLOGY - The Trinity Hunter features three oversized stainless steel ball bearings for ultimate support and a smooth activation movement that is unrivaled.

LAUNCHER POSITION ADJUSTMENT - Zero stop technology allows the shooter to adjust the travel range of the launcher to match their specific needs. Ths gives each shooter the ability to adjust the launcher pitch to account for clearance of their specific vane choice.

INTERNAL TORSION SPRING ADJUSTMENT - The adjustable spring knob gives you the ability to change the internal spring tension of your rest. This allows you to fine tune for your specific arrow weight and spine, allowing your rest to work with the arrow instead of against it.

EASILY CONVERTS TO FULL CONTAINMENT - With purchase of a containment kit, the Trinity Target Pro can easily be converted to full containment for use during the hunting season ot for archers looking for an easily way to keep the arrow on the launcher during the draw cycle.

FULL WINDAGE AND VERTICAL MICRO-TUNE ADJUSTMENT - Unlike most rests of the market, the Trinity doesn't compromise and comes standard with micro-tune adjustments, incorporating comprehensive windage and vertical adjustments to fit a wide range of bow. You will not need to integrate additional parts.

INLINE DAMPENING COIL - The innovative inline dampening coil spring helps to smoothly transfer the force from the limb to the rest during the shot while minimizing the internal abuse that typically occurs with limb driven rests. This feature also helps to manage launcher bounce back and negates cord stretch,

EASY GLIDE CORD TENSIONER - The all new Trinity series comes with the introduction of the Easy Glide Cord Tensioner. This design allows archers to quickly adjust or release the tension on their activation cord without the need for Allen wrenches. Gone are the days of cumbersome cord clamps that are difficult to adjust and easy to lose. With the Easy Glide, archers will be able to make adjustments in the field without having to worry about losing small pieces.

UNIVERSAL LIMB CLAMP ASSEMBLY - Allow for easy installation no matter the limb size or design. The included knobby limb pad ensures that the activation cord stays secure on your limb after being installed.