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Beiter Clicker

Beiter Clicker

Highly dependable and reliable clicker. The Beiter Clicker is one of the most popular clickers in the world with lots of different models and customisable to suit different bows and your taste. All standard silver models are stocked in various thread sizes in straight 0.25mm blade thickness and come with standard length black cap end tip. Silver colour.


ThreadBowsWheel with ScrewPlateWasher
M4MK Korea, Bernardini (new models), Cartel Fantom, FiberBow, Gillo, Infitec, OK, Yamaha, Zenith, KG, Samick (some models), Marksman, Nishizawa...M4straightLight
4-40Old Hoyt models (Elan, Gold Medalist), Sky, Green Horn...4-40 x 5/16"straightBlack
4-40RHoyt Radian and Avalon, Bernardini (old models)...4-40 x 3/8"straightPurple
6-32ZBrowning, Cartel X-Pert, KAP, PSE Zone and Intrepid, Samick Vision, SF, W&W (older models)6-32 x 3/8"straightDark Green
6-32ACore (Refine), GK, Hoyt models (AeroTec, Axis, Excel, GMX, GPX, Helix, Horizon, Eclipse, Excel, Matrix, Nexus, Prodigy), Kaya, Kinetic, PSE X-Factor, Sanlida, Stark, Topoint, W&W (newer models), WNS6-32 x 3/8"straightBlue