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Bohning Fletch-Fuse (0.5oz)
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Bohning Fletch-Fuse

Ever since the delivery companies outlawed the shipping of glues such as the Bohning Platinum Fletch-Tite and Saunders NPV, both mainstays of the archery world, the Bohning company have not rested to try and come up with an alternative glue product that potentially won't bring down a plane...

2017 sees the launch of the new Bohning Fletch Fuse, matching the old Bohning Fletch-Tite glue in performance, durability and most importantly, price.

Designed for vanes, feathers and nocks. Works on all types of arrow shaft. Clamp time 30 seconds. Cure time 2 hours. Budget friendly. 1/2oz bottle.

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Bohning Fletch-Fuse
Information provided courtesy of Bohning