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Nikon Arrow ID 3000

Nikon Arrow ID 3000

Fast, Accurate Distance Measurements

Nikon's most compact archery and bowhunting rangefinder yet, the ARROW ID 3000 provides fast, accurate distance measurements regardless of your shooting angle. Multilayer coated 4x optics, rainproof performance and a focusing diopter make ARROW ID 3000 the one rangefinder that belongs with you every time you head into the field.

  • Displays in 1-yard increments with a 6-550-yard ranging capacity
  • CR2 Lithium Battery included
  • Water Resistant/Rainproof
  • Tru-Target Technology with First Target Priority mode and Distant Target Priority mode
  • Neoprene protection
  • Nikon Product Code: 16224


Nikon Press Release

Nikon Offers a Critical Tool for Archery Hunters & Shooters

Nikon has unveiled its newest archery laser rangefinder (LRF). The Nikon ARROW ID 3000 is tailored to the rangefinding needs of archery hunters and competitors across the globe. The proven TRU-TARGET Technology and the ID (Incline/Decline) Technology empower the ARROW ID 3000 to remove the guesswork out of any shot's equation, allowing archers to focus on the most critical aspect of hunts or competitions: shot execution. This perfected recipe, that maximizes rangefinding and cost effectiveness, makes the ARROW ID 3000 a must-have for any archer striving for effectiveness.

The ARROW ID 3000 monocular system is what makes it the preferred rangefinder of performance-demanding archers. The high-quality 4x monocular system features multilayer coatings for bright, clear images while offering invaluable field-of-view to easily locate and range targets quickly. That means less time searching for targets and more time preparing for the shot. The ARROW ID 3000 provides 20.3mm of refreshing eye relief for a pleasurable viewing experience for any archer, including eyeglass wearers, allowing them to range distances of 5-500m/6-550yd.

The rainproof housing and the device's wide temperature tolerance endure any adventure. Included with the ARROW ID 3000, the neoprene stay-on case and shoulder strap, along with a lightweight pocket-sized design, gives archers the options to place the LRF in its most convenient position for archery shooters.

Nikon's proven ID (Incline/Decline) Technology, included with the ARROW ID 3000, instantly calculates the horizontal distance to the target. This feature is essential for bow hunters requiring critical information just before their moment of truth. This innovative technology is also serving the world's most elite archers, leading them to dominate their competitive-known distance tournaments. Archers also have the option to simply switch modes to the traditional "linear" distance reading when required.

TRU-TARGET TECHNOLOGY offers users the ability to select between First Target Priority (1st) mode and Distant Target Priority (Dst) mode. First Target Priority mode displays the distance of the closest subject- useful when measuring the distance to a subject in front of an overlapping background. Distant Target Priority mode displays the range of the farthest target among a group of targets measured, useful in wooded areas.

Nikon Arrow ID 3000

Nikon Arrow ID 3000
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