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Spigarelli Wood Grip for 650/BB RH Low

Spigarelli Wood Grips

Different styles of wood grip to fit the various Spigarelli risers. We normally stock the 650/BB model. Also available to special order are Vision (also fits the discontinued Explorer II) and Revolution models. Available in RH and LH models in Low and High styles.

Most grips are supplied in standard natural wood colour but sometimes we receive wierd and funky coloured grips like this one pictured here (on the right)...

The profiles of the low and high styles are more or less the same at a glance. The differences are in the base sections. The natural wood colour grip is the Low type. The funky coloured one is the high type. See picture below...

Spigarelli Wood Grip for 650/BB RH High
Spigarelli Wood Grip for 650/BB RH Low and High compared