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Arc Systeme
Arc Systeme SX06 Scope Mount

Arc Systeme Scope Mount SX06

The Arc Systeme SX06 is the scope mounting unit normally supplied with the Arc Systeme SX200 Compound sight.

If you have more than one scope, or you wish to change your Arc Systeme SX10 Recurve or SX200 Recurve sights into a compound model then you can purchase additional SX05 units so you can swap between scopes or disciplines very quickly.

This item is universal and will fit all Arc Systeme SX10 and SX200 Sights.

Accepts 10-32 threaded scopes.

Adjustment of the three axes for the optimization of the aiming tunnel, in order to reinforce the efficiency of the lens without observing visual distortion, the precision of the scope and the relevance of the impacts of arrows in target.

Inclination of the scope: the glass is oriented vertically.

Horizontal Axis 1: The scope mounting rod is horizontal, prevents deformation of the target through the glass, helps keep a bubble at the center of its level.

Horizontal axis 2: the scope mounting rod is perpendicular to the firing line, also prevents deformation of the target through the lens. It is usually more pronounced on bows subject to excessive torque (high let-off).