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CT CT Hippo

CT Hippo Hunter

If you are looking for a shaft size that gives you the ultimate in clearance, check out the CT Hippo. Now available in store in XP (extreme performance) or Hunter specifications.

This arrow is also for the competitive archer who is looking for line cutting advantage, staying within the FITA regulations. This light weight shaft does not compromise wall integrity. The CT Hippo shaft has five wraps of various carbon layers for consistency, durability and integrity.

grains per inch
Shaft Size

Straightness tolerance:

  • XP: +/-.0015in (yellow printing)
  • Hunter: +/-.005in (white printing)

Internal fitting components

Sold in dozen quantities.

Hippo Target Point System

CT Hippo Target Point System

This is new for 2006 and is the default points system for the CT Hippo range of shafts.

Light weight and the most accurate target point system. This model is unique to the Hippo shaft. System comes with 10gn and 20gn weight modules so you can increase the 70gn point to max 100gn.

Weight modules simply screw into the back end of the point with a standard hex wrench.

System comes with 12 pieces of each part; 70gn point, 20gn weight module, 10gn weight module.

McKinney Nock Adapter for Hippo

CT McKinney Nock Adapter for Hippo
CT McKinney Nock Adapter for Hippo - close-up

The nock adapter uses the McKinney nock for superb accuracy.

Note the spiral groove that allows the nocks to twist on and off and hold their position.

This model is unique to the Hippo range of shafts.

Weight: 20.3gns

Sold in dozen quantities.

Official Carbon Tech Catalogue 2008 (PDF)

Information provided courtesy of Carbon Tech.