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TRU Ball
TRU Ball Fulkrum


Jesse Broadwater Signature Series

A hinge/back tension shooters dream. With a nicely weighted brass body, an enclosed smooth index finger and knurled second and third finger, it is sure to provide a great feel! The simple, smooth and crisp head, uses the new Lever Alignment System (LAS) technology. The LAS allows the archer to move the head of the release around the outside edge of the index finger, adjusting how the fulcrum (pivot) point of the release works, in conjunction with the archers individual shooting style. The Fulkrum also allows archers who have accuracy robbing string or vane contact with their face at full draw, the ability to drastically reduce this interference. The Fulkrum comes with the standard click speed dial installed, with a faster and slower clicker available. This release can also be used without a click, by flipping the speed dial around 180 degrees. The laser engraved marks on the moon adjustment make it easy to reference your preferred setting. For a matching thumb activated trigger release, the Abyss provides you with accuracy busting technology with the same exact handle and impact points as the Fulkrum.

"I feel this is the ultimate back tension/hinge style release, ­ and I hope you enjoy it!" - Jesse Broadwater

Produced in collaboration with World Champion and Pro Archery Series star, Jesse Broadwater, the Fulkrum features the new Leverage Adjustment System (LAS) which allows the archer to move the head of the release around the outside edge of the index finger, adjusting how the pivot point of the release works in conjunction with the archer's individual shooting style.

Features a Travel Setting Adjustment. Simply loosen the adjustment screw to use the speed dial travel. The indicator allows for precise adjustments to sensitivity. The Fulkrum can be set with or without a click and also the speed of the click (1 dot = standard, 2 dots = fast).

"The team at TRU Ball and I worked hard on designing this release from the ground up. Using some technologies and adjustability never seen before in a hand held release. Our goal was to provide the user with a comfortable release and allow the adjustability to fit your individual style so you can be as consistent, comfortable and accurate as well." - Jesse Broadwater

The Fulkrum features a brass body.


  • Medium - 3 finger
  • Medium - 4 finger
  • Large - 3 finger
  • Large - 4 finger

TRU Ball Abyss and Fulkrum