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Spigarelli Morse 360 1/2 V Bar

The "Half" Spigarelli Morse V Bar is 360° adjustable using reliable holding systems and positioning lock.

At Arco Sport Spigarelli, we live every day in contact with the archers, we know their needs and listen to their suggestions. The V Bar is the center of the whole stabilization system, to have the possibility to try different configurations adjusting both vertical and horizontal angles becomes a must to find the correct set up which perfectly fits to your way of shooting.

The Spigarelli Morse 360 1/2 V Bar grants you all of those features in a rock solid product with an unmatched reliability.

Threads: 5/16in adjusting screws, 5/16in bow screw, 5/16in stabilizer screwhole and 6mm locking screw

This v-bar can be used by both right and left handed shooters.

Spigarelli Morse 360 1/2 V Bar