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AGF Safari

AGF Safari

Excellently made recurve sight. Most people consider this to be the top of the range. Easy to use. Built-in secure locking ensuring consistent shooting.

The AGF Safari is a robust sight which can be used for FITA as well as for Field and 3D use.

  • Comes with a very strong guide rail.
  • Quick adjustment, fine adjustment and locking can be operated by loosening one single screw.
  • Shares the same horizontal adjustment with the Technic-15.
  • Available in both RH and LH models.


  • Length of extension: 12" (330mm)
  • Length of vertical track: 6.5" (166mm)
  • Colour: Black
  • Fastening plate fits all types of bows, AMO standard (suitable screws included)
  • The vertical guiderod has a scale on one side and a strip on the other side for personal markings.
  • Stable guidance.
  • One screws locks, adjusts amd fine-adjusts.
  • The fine adjustment is transmitted by means of a non-corroding spindle with 1mm pitch.
  • Graduations: Vertical and horizontal scales marked in tenths.
  • Extension bar made of torsionally stiff aluminium profile, with increased streamlining due to tapering.
  • Sight slide with continuous vernier screw and self-retarding rear sight tunnel axis.
  • The tapering of the extension results in a swallow-tail guide, which ensure high precision.
  • Weight: 285g

Spare Parts available in store:

AGF Safari drawing + parts list
Information provided courtesy of AGF Gasser AG, Switzerland.