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Easton Halcyon Short Rod
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Easton Halcyon Short Rod

Easton Halcyon Short Rod

Engineered for both compound and recurve. At less than 15mm diameter, Halcyon is the smallest diameter carbon stabilizer ever from Easton. Halcyon features 360° Windcutter technology for the steadiest possible hold.

Halcyon is the latest addition to its line of target products.

The new Halcyon system features the greatest stiffness-to-diameter performance in the 40 year history of Easton carbon stabilization systems. With a wind-beating 14.7 millimeter diameter, light mass weight and extreme stiffness, Halcyon provides an ideal aiming solution for both compound and recurve competitors.

Compatible with both 1/4-20 and 5/16-24 weight systems, Halcyon represents the pinnacle of technology for the serious competitors.


  • Super small diameter stabilizer.
  • Designed for both compound and recurve archers.
  • Super strong ultra high modulus carbon construction.
  • Wind defying design for a super steady hold.
  • Weights not included.


  • 12in
  • 15in

Information provided courtesy of Easton