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HMC PLUS Long Rod:

Recurve archers strive for arrow speed but this results in increased vibration and up until now, stabilizers have not been able to effectively reduce vibration. W&W has developed a revolutionary new stabilizer called the HMC PLUS stabilizer which specifically addresses this issue, by improving dampening, absorbing shock and controlling torque.

Other stabilizers have an even wall thickness along the length of the rod and this does not absorb all vibration, whereas the HMC PLUS features a unique design - it has a wall thickness of 0.0275in (0.7mm) and the front of the rod and 0.0787in (2mm) and the base and the diameter has been enlarged from 0.669in (17mm) to 0.807in (20.5mm) to successfully absorb the shock and vibration along the entire length of the rod.

  • Lengths:
    • 26in
    • 28in
    • 30in
  • Colours:
    • Carbon Matt Black
    • Black
    • Black/Gold
    • White
    • Blue
    • Red

W&W HMC PLUS Long Rods
W&W HMC PLUS Long Rod, short rods, extender and V bar

W&W HMC Plus colour options
Information provided courtesy of W&W