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Mastering Archery - by James Park:

The fourth book in James Park's highly popular series.

Mastering Archery steps through each of the key aspects of creating accuracy, covering both the archer's technique and equipment. Both compound and recurve are covered.

As a professional engineer, James Park builds on sound theory, testing and scientific method in creating a reliable and well-structured approach to an archer achieving high levels.

This book has been written to assist archers in better understanding and enjoying their sport.

James Park started archery in 1960, and has been successful both as an archer (with both recurve and compound bows), and as a coach (having assisted many members of Australian Teams over the past 30 years). He was Australian Compound Champion in 1999, Oceania Regional Champion in 1996, and World Indoor Masters Champion and World Record holder in 2002. He had competed in three World Field Archery Championships.

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Published: 2008
Mastering Archery - by James Park

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