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Shrewd Optum - Scope Body
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Shrewd Optum Scope BODY - Black

Black - pictured with Ring System + Lens available separately

Shrewd Optum Scope BODY

NOTE: THIS IS THE BODY ONLY. You will need the Optum Ring System and a Lens both available separately to complete the scope.

Next level, highly versatile design. 35mm and 40mm sizes available. Simplified system of accessories without extra functionality. Easy to use pin system which is easy to exchange and position in one of 8 locations with quick reference. Fibre cover provides adjustable pin brightness for changing light conditions. Simple, optional light installation to light fibre or dot. Optional accessories available. Lens not included.

?The Optum takes the versatility and features Shrewd scopes are known for to the next level. With more adjustability than any other scope in our line; the Optum packs all the features of the NOMAD platform into an efficient and easy to use package. The hassle of changing pin positions, installing a light kit, and swapping fiber is gone. The Optum series are the epitome of adjustable efficiency.

Available in a 35mm or 40mm size, right or left handed, and with five Optum Ring System (ORS) options


  • Adjustable fiber cover offers precise control over the pin brightness
  • Three 8-32 threaded holes allow easy installation of a light kit right out of the box in seconds
  • Two of the light positions illuminate the fiber
  • One light position illuminates a dot on lenses or fiber in centered drilled lenses
  • Eight pin positions that can be changed in seconds with the Optum Ring System
  • Pin position indicator offers a quick reference for repeatability
  • Optional sunshades that can be threaded on either side of the scope
  • Keyway slot for the pin ensures it always remains in place
  • 7/16in-20 plug closes the large hole typically found on the side of scopes for complete light control
  • Mounting pocket accepts square and hex scope rods to prevent the scope from rotating
  • Made in the USA

Available colours / models:

  • RH 35mm Black
  • RH 35mm Crimson Red
  • RH 35mm Forge Grey
  • RH 40mm Black
  • RH 40mm Crimson Red
  • RH 40mm Forge Grey
  • LH 35mm Black
  • LH 40mm Black

Shrewd Optum Scope BODY

Shrewd Optum Scope BODY

Shrewd Optum Scope BODY - Red

Crimson Red - pictured with Ring System + Lens available separately

Shrewd Optum Scope BODY - Grey

Forge Grey - pictured with Ring System + Lens available separately

Information supplied courtesy of Shrewd Archery