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Beiter Pressure Button - Replacement Nut

Replacement nut for the Beiter Pressure Button. Available in either 7mm or 11mm sizes. Black colour normally stocked.

The 7mm Nut is normally supplied with the 21.5-27.0mm size button. The 11mm Nut is normally supplied with the 17.5-23.0mm size button so the Custom Colours Green, Orange and Purple are only available in the 11mm size.


  • 7mm Black
  • 7mm Silver
  • 7mm Blue
  • 7mm Red
  • 7mm Gold
  • 7mm Dark Blue
  • 7mm Titan
  • 11mm Black
  • 11mm Silver
  • 11mm Blue
  • 11mm Red
  • 11mm Gold
  • 11mm Dark Blue
  • 11mm Titan
  • 11mm Orange
  • 11mm Green
  • 11mm Purple

Beiter Replacement Nut
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