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Fivics Saker PLUS Tab

Fivics Saker PLUS Tab:

Saker Plus finger tab has 6mm of thickness and added weight control and angle adjustment system by using of precisely machining aluminium plate. Saker Plus finger tab can be adjusted depending on individual characteristics and allows more stable hooking position and it makes it possible to shoot perfectly in any competition.

And also, it is very easy to cover the special parts for the thumb and little finger. We have considered only shooter's convenience and individual characteristics always.

Saker Plus finger tab's spacer is designed for the bending of the shaping as well it looks like the elephant shape and makes comfortable for shooters.

Fivics is using high quality cordovan leathers only which is provided by H company with one hundred years history in USA.

The Fivics Saker PLUS Tab launched in 2015 combines the great features of global sensation Saker 1 tab and adds a load of extra pieces to create a highly adjustable tab.

The adjustable ledge and little finger parts are standard issue with most tabs these days, but the Saker PLUS includes special cover parts should you choose not to use either piece to give your tab a little extra mass weight and cleaner lines.

The weight control, balance control and angle adjustment parts attaches to the circular shaped piece offering further adjustability so you can play with the balance and the feeling of the tab to achieve the perfect setup.

Overall the tab really does look like an elephant with a long nose especially when the angle adjustment piece is added. With Fivic's track record in producing world dominating tabs, this elephant is sure to be a popular addition to the shooting line.


  • RH - Small
  • RH - Medium
  • RH - Large
  • LH - Small
  • LH - Medium
  • LH - Large

Fivics Saker PLUS Tab

Fivics Saker PLUS Tab

Fivics Saker PLUS Tab - Manual
Information supplied courtesy of Fivics Archery